Weather & Snow in Obertauern 


Skiing from November until early May

Obertauern is one of the most snow secure resorts in the alps and offers 5 months of skiing per year. In German Obertauern is said to be a real "Schneeloch" which direclty translates in to "snow hole". With large amounts of snow fall during the winter it really is paradise for skiers looking for great snow. Obertauern of course also offers beautiful clear blue skies and not so seldom just after a larger snow fall.

We often get asked how the weather is in the end of march and if we have enough snow. Well, as this text is being written it is April 5 and we have about 210 cm of snow on the mountain, 150 cm of snow in the valley and the snow is still falling.

If you want to be sure that you will have lots of great snow for skiing during the winter season then Obertauern is the place to go to. 


Snow depth & Weather Forecast